Meals at Taman desa off Old Klang Road

Taman Desa Food court is consider my first time visit there and I can say the food here is not really nice.. which I had tried. Perhaps there are nice one but maybe due to I went there kinda late.. food choice are getting lesser..and many stalls had closed. Carol who is the regular customer there recommended some nice food but all of it had closed.

So, since is going to be a heavy rain soon, we plan just a quick dinner

As for me, is a yucks.. It is not nice at all. The loh shu fan is sticky and with the additional added eggs. is even more sticky..and the taste is very weird. the worst is it is very salty.. Eeeee… I will say a NO for the next time.

As dear one, the taste is ok. just not much attracting both of us since it put the word “special”, we perhaps had over estimate the food.. but is still ok.. not to say not nice.. but just a normal meal as usual..and it is not much special.

Overall , the food have some yucks and ok

Sah Poh Loh Shu Fan ( Claypot Loh Shu Fan): 0/5
Special Thai Fried Rice: 2/5

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