Kong Poh Chicken Steam Rice & Spicy Ramen Set @ Restaurant Chef Loong, SS2

Restaurant Chef Loong, located at SS2 is opened for delicious Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is not just opened on the day time but it also served during the dinner and supper time. The restaurant itself served set lunch and dinner as well as dim sum. All food served are hot.

Me and dear went to grab the choices of the delighting set meal there. The set is comes with the main course and a cup of drinks or dessert. Both me and dear ordered the set for sure. I had ordered mine for a set with a drink and dear ordered his for a set and a dessert.

The spicy ramen set is delicious where the ramen is fried with the spicy sauce and seafood. The seafood is also fresh which make the meal even delighting. Portion wise is reasonable and not too large. The overall meal i can say is delighting

As for dear, he ordered the Kong Poh Chicken Steam Rice which is a bit slow. Be patient if you are ordering this as it need some time for it to be coked and served hot to you . But the dish is well cooked and delighting for sure

We also ordered the ha kau which is extremely delighting where the ha kau was served hot and delighting and there is big prawns inside. Yummy

As for the mango sago, it is a small bowl but taste wise is nice.



1. Kong Poh Chicken Steam Rice Set : 4/5
2. Spicy Ra Men Set: 4/5
3. Ha Kau ( Prawn Dumpling): 4/5

1. Kong Poh Chicken Steam Rice Set : RM 11.80
2. Spicy Ra Men Set: RM 11.80
3. Ha Kau ( Prawn Dumpling): RM 6.90


Restaurant Chef Loong,
86, Jalan SS2/60,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7877 4826

Business Hours:
Tues- Fri : 12 noon – 3 pm, 6 pm -12 am
Sat – Sun : 10 am -3 pm , 6 pm – 12 am
Off Day: Monday

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