Authentic La Mien @ One noodles, SS2

This is the first time i went to One Noodles Restaurant which is located at SS2. This restaurant is famous for the La Mien. The La Mien here is served with many flavors which they have those qing dang la mien ( clear soup la mien) and also those spicy and fried one. The la mien where this time we had is the shrimp wantan la mien while dear ordered the Golden Curry Seafood La Mien.

De menu

The service was excellent where they wished you when you walked into the restaurants. Then we are served with the menu and some starters. Not waiting too long, the la mien had been served.

I had ordered the Shrimp Wantan La Mien which is simply excellent. The shrimp wan tan is nice where they have about 5 of it. The wantan was big and the taste is superb . You can taste the nice shrimp taste while bite on the wan tan itself. the wantons were awesome with delicious filling made of minced prawn and pork

As for dear, he ordered the Golden Curry Seafood La Mien. The taste of the soup was not much a spicy but is quite nice. It comes with mussels, scallops and clams as well as prawns and also some squids as well. It is really a big big bowl of meal as the volume was quite a big size one. As taste wise is nice and delighting

Ending with a delighting dinner, we ordered the drinks where i ordered the HK Creamy Tea while dear ordered the Lemon Tea. It is indeed a full dinner and we ended walk out with tummies.

Shrimp Wantan La Mien: 4/5
Golden Curry Seafood La Mien: 4/5
Lemon Honey: 3/5
HK Creamy Tea: 3/5

Shrimp Wantan La Mien: RM 8.80
Golden Curry Seafood La Mien: RM 14.80
Lemon Honey: RM 3.80
HK Creamy Tea: RM 3.80

* All prices will be added with 5% government tax and 10% Service Charge

One Noodles
No 66& 68, Jalan SS2/67,
Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7877 8499

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