Sweet and Sour Fish Rice & Mantis Prawn Rice at Restaurant Long Kee Teowchew Seafood

We had our dinner at the Restaurant Long Kee which was recommended by dear this time.. and this time we go for rice set. The place is a bit hard to find but food wise is not bad and is kinda nice. Food here is served hot and which I love the taste of it. There is a numerous food you can ordered from the listing which includes chicken, fish as well as seafood

As my favorite is Sweet and Sour Fish I do not hesitate to grab a taste on this oishi food. Em.. the fish is not those durry fish.. but it is like siakap or other big fish. The fish is then being fried and then will be cooked with tomato sauce sauce as well as the cucumber and pineapple cubes. Overall the taste is very nice

As for the Ku Lo Mantis Prawn , the taste is superb as the mantis prawn was well fried as well as the taste is simply delicious. The taste of the mantis prawn is fresh as he mantis prawn is freshly fried and then it is added the sauce. I can say the taste is simply delicious and nice..as most of all the mantis prawn is fresh.

Restaurant Long Kee Teow Chew Seafood.
No 3, Jalan SG 1/,
Sri Gombak , Batu Caves,
Tel: – 03-6187 1878
HP: 016-3170095; 018-278817

Opening Hours:
Morning : 10.30 am – 2.30 pm
Evening : 5.30 pm – 11.30 pm

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 20 for both plate

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  1. Lenny teh says

    Beside above foods, the dried chillis crab, clay pot fish, chicken wing, sweet and sour chicken are best too.
    But contact number has changed to 019 6138878, 012 2706739 or 014 3261117, address is correct.

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