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Back to Teluk Intan and this time we went a different place for meal with dear family. This place is considering a kinda high class restaurant in Teluk Intan. The place is actually kind of special.. i supposed the owner loves the old artists like Elvis, the Beetles and all. The place is a bit cozy and dark when inside there is quite a romantic place with the old poster of great artist like Elvis and all.

From the inside view, you can feel a romantic environment with dimmed lights and a bit of old house kampung style. The way of the design not attracts much youngsters but a lot of 40s as well as uncle and auntie.

With this, our drinks which we ordered which make it kind of special is the Honeydew Milk fruit juice which is nice and very KAU… The drinks here are blended with pure fruit and you can taste the good texture of the fruits.

Dear mum love the Sa Poh Mee or its called claypot mee in english. The clay pot mee is actually mee which is cooked with a claypot with vegetables, mushrooms some chicken or pork mee, slices of carrots and some an a egg on top which is not fully cooked. So, you need to mix with the noodles together before you eat.. I can say it is simply nice.. and recommended.

As for me, i ordered the Black Pepper chicken rice which the taste is not bad.. just it is not spicy enough. Overall I can say is real nice not comparing on the spicy of the chicken. The chicken is not a drumstick but some call a minced chicken meat which is well cooked and tender.

Lastly is dear set which is a western. Dear ordered the Wow Wow Chicken Chop.. which i see the portion is quite big. Thy includes some sorts like sausage ham spring roll which the taste is kinda special and delicious. The taste is simply nice and delighting as well. The chicken is being fried and added with some sauce. Overall dear’s set is nice too.

I ordered ABC . What i can say that the ABC is kind of a failure among all. I don really like them as the taste is too sweet and the ingredients is less.
Honey Dew Drink: 3/5
Mamak Rice: 4/5
Claypot Noodles: 4/5
Black Pepper Chicken Rice Set: 4/5
Wow wow Chicken Chop: 4/5
ABC: 1/5

Honey Dew Drink: RM 2.80
Mamak Rice: RM 5
Claypot Noodles: RM 5
Black Pepper Chicken Rice Set:RM 4.50
Wow wow Chicken Chop: RM 9.50

Lana Tea House
No 1, Jalan Teratai J4/8,
Taman Indah Jaya,
36000 Teluk Intan,
Tel : 05-621 8996

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