Chu char at Beng Aun Coffeeshop, Relau

This trip back to Penang, I went for chu char (stir-fried ) in Beng Aun, Relau with mum, dad and dear. This stall of stirfried is originally from the next door coffeeshop and had moved a few years back which is Kim Shan.

The stir-fried here is nice.. but we don usually come here for stir-fried as the price is slightly more expensive as well It is served in big plates.. If price wise comparable to the size, is still reasonable but for small eaters is a waste as is hardly you can finish the plate of it.

So, me and dear ordered some juices which is the ambera juice. This juice is nice and is a bit of soury. It is hardly you can find them in KL .. but I used to have it in Penang which taste superbly beautiful.

We ordered a few dishes and one of my favorite is the claypot seafood. I love is so much as you ca see there is a ot of sea food inside and big prawns as well. The seafood here is very fresh. Inside the claypot you can find prawns, cuttlefish, sea cucumber and many more like mushrooms and others. Yummy!!!

Next dad ordered a simple dish which is teh Fu Yong Egg and this one I think is a Cantonese dish. This where the egg is being fried with onions and some Chinese style hot dogs.

We also ordered veges which is the fried beans with sambal which inside this dish the cook also added the dried little prawns ( ha mai) into it to fried and this make the dish even oishi

And the last one is my favorite which is the Kam Heung Sea Shell. I love Kam Heung a lot is because of the Indian leaves which is added to the dish which make the whole dish smells nice and yummy. Taste wise it is a bit of spicy.

Overall this meal is nice
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 55
Address: along Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, at you right had corner from PISA turn in

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