Ah yip herbal soup @ Pavillion, KL

Ah Yip Herbal Soup Rice which is located in Pavillion is one of favorite Chinese cuisine in KL. Usually, I don really love soups but Ah Yip Herbal soup Rice had been my favorite since my first bite there. The food there can say is affordable as well as its nice..since Pavillion is one of KL 5 star shopping mall.

So, Ah Yip Herbal Soup is located at the basement of the mall itself which is called the Food Republic. Not much to say, as usual meal you can find ala-carte as well as set. Ah Yip also has its set meal and ala-carte.

The set meal is comes with a plate of chicken, a bowl of rice and a bowl of soup. As for Ala Carte , it comes with the soup only. The difference will be about RM 4 , so I think it is worth to get a set.

As for the set, it comes with the choice of soup. For me, I prefer the Scallop Groundnut Soup Set. The soup is those which are purely steamed soup which is good for health and you can find a bit of scallop as well as groundnuts and chicken meat ( which mainly they will consider on chicken feat) to add on into the soup. Overall I can say that the meal is satisfying as well as a delighting one as well

As for dear, he ordered the Chinese Cucumber Chicken Soup Set which the taste is as well as simply delighting one as well. I can considered both of it is simply a delighting one as well a recommended as well.

Taste: Overall 5/5
Scallop Groundnut Chicken Soup : RM 9.90
Chinese Cucumber Chicken Soup Set : RM 9.90

Ah Yip’s Soup
Food Republic. Apex Excellent.
Lot 1/41.00 Level 1,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
51500 Kuala Lumpur

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