Thai food @ Janwa Thai Restaurant, Manjalara

This time, me and dear headed to Manjalara to have our dinner.. and this time we went along with his cousin brother for this meal…

The place can say is a new shop lots area and what I understand is this shop is opened by a couple and the taste is origins from Thai. The shop is kinda cozy type but not really a big one. Basically, it has less than 15 tables.

We had the menu on our hand and I started to snap on the menu. Choices of food is not much but the price is kinda reasonable. The price range of food is not too expensive and the taste is nice as well. We ordered a few dishes of my favorites which includes mango chicken, fried taufu and a clear soup tomyam seafood.

Here comes…. the mango chicken. The mango that is used is not the ripe one. They used the semi ripped mango and the chicken is fried till brownish brown and a bit of soury mango sauce is poured. The taste is simply nice not too sour not too sweet.

The fried taufu is nice as well. The taufu is fried till brownish brown and when you get a bite of it, the hot taste will get into your mouth and is really much temptating.

Next is the seafood tomyam. The tomyam was simply delicious. The taste is simply so tempating and the smell of the tomyam was great. It is kinda spicy and nice.. That’s wat tomyam should be. What is inside is shrimps, prawns and some abalone mushroom. The taste is very nice.

As for dessert, I usually ordered the thai dessert which comes with coconut milk and water chestnut and cempedak. The taste is simply nice and oishi.. 😛 The ABC was great as well.

Overall the taste is simply delicious.
Taste: 4/5

No 99G, Jalan 5/62A,
Bandar Menjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6276 5658

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