Meals @ Kim Gary, Sg Wang

We went for Kim Gary for dinner. Gosh.. one of the things is the service is getting poor.. haiz.. this time what I ordered? This time me and dear went or this one where I had been ordering the usual meal which is the Vegetable Wantan Mee which is my favorite.

I think not much to say on this vege wan tan mee.. but is a clear soup mee.. and the taste is superb and I love this the most of all Kim Gary food.

As for dear, he ordered the fried rice. The fried was not so nice and is a bit salty today..

Lastly, as I have the Kim Gary card and a coupon holder on monthly offer, I got myself the July offer which is the ham, sausage egg sandwich which is really very nice and delighting. This is unexpected superb dish. Yummy

Fried Rice: 1/5
Vege Wan Tan Noodles: 4/5
Sandwiches: 5/5

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