Meals @ Just Dessert, The Curve

Went to the curve with dear and we are thinking what to have for the day. so, we ended up having this one which is Just Dessert where the menu was indeed capturing me. As so, we went in thinking to try to grab a taste of this restaurant.

What are there to say. Definitely I can say, they must buck up the service .. the service was kind of slow.. and we waited about 10 minutes before we are being served gosh… and the thing is there is not much customer.

The menu we had glanced and there is a several food which I love to have… still thinking on what to have ? Too many to choose perhaps making me some sorts as is kinda hard to choose on the meal. So, what we ordered?? Lets see later…As too bored waiting for meal, I snap pictures of dear in the shop 😛

At last,the meal arrived. Dear ordered the black sesame which dear think is not bad.. Nothing much to comment for this as it does not have any special… oh ya.. the name is called smoothie sesame.. 😛

Next come my set meal, which is the hainanese chicken stew. This is the set of the day which it is more Hainan style. It comes with a rice, chicken as well there is mushrooms and prawn crackers. The taste of this is not bad and is quite delighting. There is some taste of mushroom as it is cooked with some mushroom sauce.

As for dear, he ordered the Fragrant spicy chicken which I think is not bad. The only thing is not really spicy enough haha… That’s what I think. As for dear, the taste is not bad just the chicken is too little and not worth for the price. Besides that, taste wise is not really what he expected and not spicy enough.

We also ordered the egg tart… em.. the egg tart is nothing much special and not really nice. The egg tart are not the big one is just a mini egg tart and price is more expensive. Taste buds wise is not very nice and the skin is not crispy enough.

Smoothie Sesame: 3/5
Hainanese Chicken Stew: 3/5
Fragant Spicy Chicken:3/5
Egg Tart: 2/5

Price: about RM 30 for all

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