Meals in Kluang Station , 1 –Utama

First shot on our DSLR Camera .. Haha.. and perfectly I can say is not prO yet.. need to learn and play more with the DSLR Camera.. Our first shot will be concentrated on the menu itself .. Haha.. This is the menu which we had captured on..

What dear ordered is the lamb curry rice. The lamb curry rice was not bad according to dear the curry was nice as well as the lamb was kinda tender.

As for me, I ordered the chicken nasi lemak. The service was kinda slow which make me really inpatient to wait any more.. gosssssh… ad dear had nearly completed his meal when the set arrived. The chicken nasi lemak some how or other is kinda nice and yummy as well. 😛 The taste is really superb and I can say this is our best choice.

As for drinks, we ordered the Sirap Limau and coffee which is kinda nice and tasty as well.

Lamb Curry Rice : 2/5
Chicken Nasi Lemak: 4/5
Sirap Limau and coffee :3/5

Lamb Curry Rice : RM 8.90
Chicken Nasi Lemak: RM 8.90
Sirap Limau and coffee : RM 2.80 and RM2.40
* price charges inclusive of 5% government tax and service charges.

Kluang Station
LG337, One Utama Shopping Centre,
Tel /Fax: 03-7710 1039
email: [email protected]
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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  1. reanaclaire says

    wow..another food blog here.. i saw the RM4 laksa.. why so expensive? i tot the most expensive one in penang side stalls is around 3 to 3.50 the most.. Really, nowadays the food are have incredulous prices!

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