Meals at Sun Hin Loong, SS2

Sun Hin Loong which is located at SS2 is also a place you can get nice food besides at the Wai Sek Kai. For a change this time we went there for our dinner.

For me, I ordered the Hakka Mee, which is quite nice. Hakka Mee is one of the famous Hakka dishes. Hakka Mee is mostly having pork on top of the noodles.. but there is a slight changes on the mee due to different taste buds. Now, you can choose to have the original Hakka Mee or can change the noodles from mee to bihun depends on your tastebuds.

I also ordered the Nyonya Kuih. The price is kinda expensive but the choices is not much. Futhermore teh taste is kinda dry and no much choices

As for dear, he ordered the yellow rice and the curry chicken. The taste is not bad.,.and is kinda nice. Recommended for this. The curry is very nice and the curry is the nyonya style curry.

Lastly, we ordered a popish to try. The popiah… er .. is not our choice. The popiah is very dry and the ingredients does not cooked well. is not nice at all.


Hakka Mee: 3/5
Nyonya Kuih: 0/5
Yellow Rice + Curry: 4/5

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