Meal at yoshinoya, 1 Utama

Yoshinoya is a place of some sorts can say a Japanese fast food restaurant a like Mc Donalds and KFC .. but their food serving is mainly Japanese food and I don think they have Sushi in their set. Dear went back again to have the meal since I think he had them back half a year ago.

The meals is some sort can say a healthy meal as we know Japanese is more caution on their meals and health. This time dear seems not really satisfy with the meal..and the meals seems to be low graded already.

What dear had is the chicken set which the taste is so so as not as nice as the first time he had them. Perhaps the cook had been changed di kua. overall the meal cost him about RM 9 . and the taste is not really nice.

Taste: 2/5
Price: RM 9.00
Address: Yoshinoya , 3rd Floor 1-Utama Shopping Complex
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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