Kepong Pasar Malam Crazy (Friday)

We are now Pasar Malam Crazy, me and dear went over to the Pasar malam in Kepong which is open on every Friday to try for the food there. .. and as we know pasar malam is the best place to have yummy food and cheap ones. The Pasar Malam is opened every Friday night.

We started our Makan crazy at the vegetarian Yau char koay. The stall was jus a small stall.. and teh yau char koay is a vegetarian one. it is freshly fried and the taste is real nice and very crunchy. Just RM0.60 for one. Oishi ….. and oh ya.. the stall where we able to snap

next, we go for the Kuih Nyonya, and I bought a few pieces of it. The taste is quite nice and delicious. Futhermore is cheap and nice. There are different types you can find there ..

And our last journey stall will be the one selling Penang Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee). It is a very big bowl one and the taste is extremely nice. The stall is selling a nice prawn mee where there is a nice prawn taste on the mee as well as the ingredient is ichiban which I can say I love it very much. The chilly is also very nice

If you happen to be there, this is a must in the Pasar Malam at Kepong

Yau Char Koay: 4/5
Kuih Nyonya: 4/5
Prawn Mee ( Hokkien Mee): 5/5

Yau Char Koay: RM 0.60
Kuih Nyonya: Varies
Prawn Mee ( Hokkien Mee): RM 4

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