Breakfast @ Sin Hup Aun, Pulau Tikus

Sin Hup Aun is one of an old shops in Penang which is famous for its Mee Goreng and the Western Food. This shop is formerly known as Tip Top during the 90s when I was still a kid.. and used to ta pau the Western as well as the Mee Goreng. The shop last time is located along Jalan Burmah which is the same row as the Pulau Tikus police station had now moved to the Pulau Tikus market which is the same row with the market itself. Sin Hup Aun Cafe is one of the busiest coffee shops in Pulau Tikus. It is located at the junction of Jalan Pasar and Solok Moulmein.

This shop is one of my favorite and during the morning session, there is a lot of food choices which you cant escape to have them. The shop now is offering numerous of choices of food which includes hokkien mee, sah poh mee and more. This time me and dear had our breakfast which is the Mee Goreng. I got myself a mee goreng while dear had a mee rebus instead from the same stall which is the Jones Road Mee Goreng .

The mee goreng is no longer taste nice anymore as they no longer is dry mee goreng which I love. The taste is a bit salty and not nice.

As for the mee rebus, the taste is so so only. The sauce or can say the ingredients on the tomato paste is not much nice anymore. I can say the mee goreng is getting not much nicer and perhaps the old uncle which used to fried is no longer there.. haiz

As for mum, she ordered the chee cheong fan which is not bad. The taste is kinda nice and delighting as I love chee cheung fan which put lots of the prawn paste and the sweet paste

Mee Goreng:2/5
Mee Rebus:2/5
Chee Cheung Fan: 3/5

Mee Goreng: RM 3.80
Mee Rebus: RM 3.80
Chee Cheung Fan: RM 1.70

Lorong Pasar, 10350 Pulau Tikus,
Penang, Malaysia.

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