BBQ chicken @ 1-Utama

BBQ chicken crazy when I was browsing trough the web and I found out this promo at MY Style which is a BUY 1 FREE 1 promo..( which you can get many promo dining deals there. So, this time, me and dear signing up for the promo with our handphone and we get a set free.. HehE.. good deal right?

What we ordered, as for dear he ordered the Carboil Chicken which I love the most. It is actually bbq chicken with olive oil and the meat is so tender. it is really nice and delighting which I can say, I cant refuse to change with dear on my set and his set 😛

What I ordered is the Jerk Chicken which is a bit spicy comparable to Carboil Chicken. As dear prefer spicy, we exchanged the set. The taste is nice as well except jerk chicken will be a bit more spicy. Other than that, everything is nice.

Besides we had also ordered the Fried Chillies Chicken which is not so nice compared to both the Carboil and the Jerk Chicken. Not that spicy as well. Not much recommended for this set

Carboil Chicken: 4/5
Jerk Chicken: 4/5
Fried Chilly Chicken:2/5

Carboil Chicken: RM 17.90
Jerk Chicken: RM 14.90
Fried Chilly Chicken: RM 16.90

BBQ Chicken,
LG, 1-Utama New Wing

* All food are having 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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