Meals is Tappanyaki, Ikea

While jalan jalan at Ikea, I was thinking of having some meals and we ended up having them in Teppanyaki which is situated at Ikea. Since we not in a very hungry mode. We both ordered some of it to share. Wat we had is just a simple chicken teppanyaki and i ordered 1 Snow Ice to taste.

Dear also ordered a cup of green tea as well. Waiting time was quite long. Em, lastly the food arrived. The teppanyaki is not as nice as i expected. The taste is kinda not really oishi lo.. comparable to other places as wat dear say la. For me, is so so only. The taste is just plain taste and is not well cooked as i can taste some part is over cooked.

As for the fuji snow. The taste is ok lo. Just i Can say the display on the menu and the reality really differ alot and the ice is melts very fast and once they served it t us, we can see water more than ice d.

Overall i can say is so so nia

Price: RM11.70
Teppanyaki Chicken: 2/5
Fuji Snow: 2/5

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