Economy Rice @ Bee hooi, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Recently when I back to Penang, I spotted a shop at Bee Hooi which serves a nice and affordable economy rice. This stall is actually located just infront of Bee Hooi coffeeshop which used to sell pizza at night. In the morning the shop offers a variety of stalls like chicken rice and others. So, this time, me and dear went for the shop to have our lunch.

The food is kinda variety too as my mum and dad usually comes here for ta pau ( pack – back ) food which they told me is nice and cheap. Let’s see what they offers. The uncle ( the owner) of the stall was so kind to let us snap the food availability today. As, it was Saturday, the food is a bit less varities comparable to weekdays as they do not want to served the customer with the yesterday’s food which is the policy of this uncle.

So, it can be said that the food here is all freshly cooked daily to be served to the customers. There are variety’s of local delicious food which you can have chicken, meat, pork, fish as well as veges and seafood.

The uncle serves a nice spicy curry chicken which catches my eyes when I saw the red red curry soup which looks spicy as well as the drumstick as well.. yum yum.. I could not resist to order one … hehehe..

Besides the curry chicken, I hardly can find some of the nyonya style food like acar fish (which is the fish mix with kunyit (in malay). This food is famous local nyonya food .. and this is also real nice and is craving my taste buds for sure.

The shop also served other varieties like fried vegetables, taufu, scramble egg and more as well. All teh dishes is well cooked and very nice. I can say the food here is nice and reasonable.

Besides, I also understand from the uncle that he is also doing some delivered home cooked food to the houses. In this, they will deliver the food daily to your house which a certain charges a month.

As I Understand, charges for the delivered home cooked food is as per below
– Delivery of food for a month per person = RM120.00 (Food will be delivered for one meal only)
– As for two person, the charges is RM 200.00 (Food will be delivered for one meal only)

Taste: 5/5
Price: According to the food you ordered.

Address: Bee Hooi Coffeeshop
Jalan Burmah ( opposite Belissa Row)
10350 Pulau Tikus,

Contact Person: Mr K H Choong ( Tel: 016-481 5922)

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  1. says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    1 Can you delivery the order to Jalan Larut Wisma Duke?
    2 Dinner Only
    3 Monday – Friday
    4 2 persons (How Much per Month)

    my contact No. 012-472 0870 Ms. Lee

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