Dinner @ Seng Kee KopiTiam, Teluk Intan, Perak

Seng Kee Kopitiam which is located at Teluk Intan which is situated along the main road of the town which is Changkat Jong. You can see the shop on your left and it is opened in the evening. The food which is famous here is the bak kut teh.

This time, the bro ordered a few famous nice dishes. One of it is the Hang Nga Hu or is called ikan pari with curry. The curry is not the soupy one but is the dried one. The taste is simply delicious and the ikan pari is really fresh. Other than that, they fried with chilies is so nice..and spicy which I love it so much.

Here comes the shop famous bak kut teh. The bak kut teh was nice as it is ingridients is not bad and the soup have the herbs smell which makes it nice. One of the thing I love the most is they can refill the soup. Nice.

Dear for sure ordered heh koh which is one of dear favorites. The heh koh is simply nice as they are crisply fried.. and you can taste the dried chilly smell on it. Overall, I can say, the heh koh taste great.. and is dear’s favorite.

Lastly, we also ordered vege. The vege is not much special. Just a normal one. Nothing much to comment

Overall, the dishes taste great
Taste: 4/5

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