Dinner at Carnation, Persiaran Gurney

Carnation is another restaurant along Gurney Drive which is famous for their stir-fried ( chu char) . Our plans is actually to Song River chu char as dad love it so much.. but the shop is closed. Neverless we change to the nearest location which is a few blocks away from Song River which is Carnation.

The food there is not bad. Let see what we ordered? Dad ordered a few dishes. One of it is Fried Lala which i don really prefer. The fried lala there is small and little and i can see the shells more than the meat itself. So, not my choice. I think i prefer kar par more than the lala.

As dear loves to have Heh Kor ( Har Kor/ Prawn Mantis) , we ordered them. The prawn mantis is not bad. The taste is quite nice as well.

Another dish will be Fried Chilly 3 beans which the owner will fried 3 types of beans with chillies. What i see is long beans, short beans and another i am not too sure. They stir fried them with chillies as well as some prawns. Not bad!!

Dad also ordered the Claypot Taufu where in claypot taufu, basic ingridients like taufu, some seafood as well as some mushroom will be added into it. Overall the taste is not bad .. quite nice.

There are also Thai Sauce Chilly Fish which taste very nice due to the spiciness of the sauce as well as the fish is fresh. This is really very nice which dear love it so much.

We also ordered fried Kar par which is my favorite. The fried kar par taste is not bad.. kinda nice.. and it is full of spiciness.

Lastly, is the fried vege which is nothing special.. overall the vege is quite nice

Overall lets rate

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 90.00

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