Chee Cheung Fan + Teh Tarik @ Restaurant KH, Kuantan

Oh ya, I forgotten about this coffee shop when I first reach Kuantan.. haha.. this is the first makan place when I reach Kuantan which is located in Taman Galing which the place I am going to stay..with dear. Carolynn provided us the accommodation and brought us to stay in their house.

So, we firstly started our journey makan after in the bus for about 4 hours. So, what we ordered is a teh tarik and a chee cheong fun to share.

The teh tarik I can say is very umph.. and after dear have it, he was not sleepy at all for the whole day.. but for me is not much side effect ;p.. but the teh tarik is really nice and delighting

Besides that, we order the chee cheong fun. The chee cheong fun here is not the same as the one we had in Penang or the hongkie style nor the Teluk Intan style. This one is similar to Penang Style + Yong Tau Fu.. which I can elaborate. The taste of the chee cheong fun is similar to the way is presented in Penang but there is a combination of yong tau fu.

Overall, the taste is kinda nice

Taste: 3/5 for all

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