Breakfast @ Hai Peng, Kuantan

Early morning, Carolynn mum fetches us to a local food which is famous in Kuantan. This place is very cozy and its famous with the Kemaman coffee and many other locals. Dear, me and Carol with her mum as well went there for our breakfast

The place is kinda cozy and it is a style of going into a very old old coffeeshop like in Melaka. The service was very good as well.

We ordered a several choices of food so we are able to taste more as more choices as well. Aunty love the beef bihun which she ordered a bowl of it. As I don take beef, I will let dear to judge on it. The beef bihun is a simple yet there is a lot of beef meet as well. The herbal taste was heavy and the bihun was smooth either. Besides, the beef meet was tender which is not that hard to munch.. and the taste of it is excellent. Dear love it very much

We also ordered the Laksa, The laksa ingredient is a bit some sorts like Penang Asam Laksa .. but the noodles is different. Wat I understand is the mee is specially made. The laksa taste was special and nice. Is not too soury nor it is not too spicy. It has some taste of asam laksa but just the mee is different. Overall, the taste is excellent

Another famous food there is the bread. the bread is tender and nice. Not bad.. and is freshly toast and is not hard.

There is also a very nice Nasi Lemak which we ordered. The nasi lemak has a nice smell of coconut milk as well as the ingredient is nice especially the curry which me and dear cant resist. One word for it, is simply ichiban

Besides, we also ordered the signature drink of the shop which is the Kemaman Coffee. Kemaman coffee is one of the famous coffee..among the eastern side… and is a must to try if you are heading to Pahang or either Terrengganu. It has a very nice coffee smell

Lastly, we had also the teh tarik which is quite delighting as well. Not much too say but I can see the food here is nice and tasty with a good service

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 25

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