Boneless chicken and Egg Tart @ Ipoh

After having our meals along the road, we spotted something special which is my favorite egg tart and the boneless chicken wings.. hehe

We bought them up to taste.. haha..The egg tart is not bad. The skin is kinda crispy and have a heavy smell of eggs.. which i think the taste is quite nice.

As for dear, the one he ordered is so so. Actually, they took out the bones and they put in some meat instead. It is minced meat with some flavoring like roti babi ingridients and with some Lee And Parrin Sauce. The taste is so so but is also a good try.

Overall the taste of the stall is still ok

Egg Tart:3/5
Boneless Chicken Wings:2/5

Egg Tart:RM 1.20
Boneless Chicken Wings: RM 3.50

Along Jalan Market. Ipoh

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