Pineapple Fried Rice and Nyonya Fried Rice @ Peranakan Place, 1-Utama

Was in 1-Utama and thinking to have something different and we ended up in Peranakan Place which served delicious Nyonya Cuisine. The place is located at the 2nd floor of 1-Utama Old Wing. This shop is serving mostly dishes more on Thai Style and Nyonya Style. Peranakan dishes are mainly from Malacca as it is a combination of Malay and Chinese dishes according to history.

This time we headed there for our meal. We actually thinking of having the promo meal but we are late a bit so we dont entitled for the promo meals.. which is much cheaper than the normal price. So, we still have some of the dishes.. but we ordered 2 of it where one is the Pineapple Fried Rice and another is the Signature Nyonya Fried Rice.

Em, … services is kinda slow.. we waited till other stomach sounding… haiz.. and we did tell ourself if it will not be served in another 10 minutes, we will cancel the order.. so u can imagine how long we waited even though there is only a few customers. Basically we waited for about 30 – 40 minutes for the dish to be served… and you can see no wonder I am playing and snapping pictures with my phone.

At last… the meals arrived on the table. Dear ordered the pineapple fried rice.. the pineapple fried rice is a bit oily but is nice. They served with a piece of fried chicken as well as crackers. The crackers is nice.. and is not the soft one. and is very nice to munch and once you take the first munch.. you have a feeling of order more to munch .. Yummy. .. As for the fried chicken is nice..and you can taste the nice belacan smell… hmmmm… is truely very yummy and temptating. The chicken is fresh as well as it is being fried well till golden brown and served hot.. wah.. thats delicious

As for the Signature nyonya fried rice, the taste is really delighting as well. Its not so soury but the fried rice is really nicely fried and is fried with a bit of belacan. So, the taste is simply delicious. As for the chicken and cracker, it is the same as the pineapple fried rice

Overall is OISHI ooo… Recomended.

Service: 1/5
Price: RM 21 for both
Taste: 4/5
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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