Meals @ KTZ ( Kei Tak Zek) ,SS2

As you all know, KTZ (The Frutti Stall) in SS2, Petaling Jaya is a favorite dessert place. Almost every night is packed with people. It’s hot now a days, maybe you can drop by to cool yourself. Mostly you can see it kinda pack at places like this especially on Malaysia HOT HoT weather.

This time after so long hearing about KTZ, we went there for the makan. We reached there kinda early today and is so how is also kinda packed. The waitress served us with the menu which have the choices of food for us to choose. Oh what we ordered? A lot?? No .. we just ordered a couple of dishes which includes its famous recommended mango sago, Fried Salted Diced Chicken Rice, Shanghai Chee Cheung Fan

While waiting for food, dear snapped a few pictures of me in the shop since both of us are so mo liew. Haha.. and we snap each other as well.

The Mango Sago which we ordered is extremely nice and delighting and the taste os extreme oishi desu. Besides that, the ingredients they pit in is kinda a lot which make it taste very nice … Recommended and you can see dear how oishi he eat and enjoy.. which shows is oishi desu lo

As for the Dice Salted Chicken Rice,is not really nice and delighting. It is too salty as well as the rice is not cooked well. So, i don really prefer this one and the volume is too small.

Dear ordered the Shanghai Style Chee Cheung Fan which is so so only. Comparabe is ok and not extreme nice. They put a little bit of ikan bilis. It looks like the combination of HK chee cheung fan as well as Teluk Intan Chee Cheung Fan. I can also say is not recomended.

Overall i Can say that the Mango Sago is the nicest of all among all dishes.

Mango Sago – 5/5
Diced Salted Chicken Rice: 1/5
Shanghai Chee Cheong Fan: 2/5

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