Meals @ K & Y coffeshop ,Kuantan, Pahang

K&Y coffeeshop in Kuantan is famous for its Lin Ko .. and the taste is real yummy and oishi. The lin Ko here is being fried and is kinda special of course.. as usually we use to bake them… emmmmm… special ma?? is seldom lo we have this here .. perhaps i dono much on this food.. haha.. so for me is kinda special kind of food lol..

Besides, we also ordered Leng Chi Kang as well which one of my favorite dessert of the day.. which I can say the dessert is not bad. The leng chi kang here is the same which I have in KL nothing special which have the same ingridients like longan and all. The taste is not bad.

As for a must have, is the 3 color tea. Perhaps is because when the tea is being brewed you can see the tea is having 3 different colors which as so it called the three color tea.. hmm..isn’t that incredible ??
And the taste is nice as well.. a bit not too sweet compared to teh tarik and the taste is similar to teh tarik which is more KAU..

Lastly, we had also ordered one of the famous food in the shop which is the fish head bihun. The taste is not bad..and the fish head is kinda fresh. I can say is nice.. as you can see the freshness of the fish and is not the one which is fried.. yum yumm…and most important thing is the smell is not hanyir one lo.

Taste: 4/5

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  1. YY says

    Hi, wondering whether you still remember the location of this coffeshop? can’t seem to get any clue from google 😛

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