Meals @ 888 food court Medan selera, Taman Sisek, Kuantan

During our trip to Kuantan, Carolynn also brought us to the food court at Taman Sisek. This foodcourt is quite big and it has various of stalls in there. From Local Kuantan food to some Penang Style food can also be found there.

Here, both me and dear ordered some food which we plan to have some light food so we ordered some light food which looks oishi to us lo. Some food which we ordered inclusive of fried chicken, jiu hu eng zhai as well as the rojak.. looks like mostly is Penang food le.

The fried chicken is nice just not that hot. they had fried them kinda long and put them in the oven to keep it hot. Taste wise is nice and delighting just not that hot.. is just warm only.


for the jiu hu eng zhai is also very nice. The style is the same as Penang but the chilly sauce is just not spicy enough. Other than that, everything is nice and delicious. As usual the jiu hu eng zhai is served with the vege called eng zhai with the combination of cuttle fish and added with Sweet Sauce. and chilly paste ( if requested) and grained nuts.

Another we ordered is the rojak. The rojak is not bad as well. Just he ingridients not much as they don have some sour fruits which I love to have them in rojak. Otherwise, everything is nice

Overall is nice

Fried Chicken- 3/5
Jiu Hu Eng Zhai- 3/5

– A recommended place for night snacks-

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