Meal @ Siam Express, Queensbay Mall

I had been to Siam Express several times but this time is a bit special as I went there with someone very special in my life. This time, what I had with dear in this restaurant… em.. we had the seafood tomyam from this restaurant. I can say the tomyam is kinda spicy and temptating which make me so in love with it. dear also love it as well

The Seafood Tomyam comes with the noodles and there are some ingredients like shrimps, prawns and as well as mushrooms and other ingredients. Food wise is still fresh. the food is fresh and it is delighting as well. So, it is much recommended

Besides, I am able to persuade dear to post with the seafood tomyam..Yum yum yum.. dear

For me, I am not too hungry and I love thai desserts like the Chesnut Nangka. It is one of my most favorite delights which I can say I never say NO NO to that. The chesnut was plentiful as well as Nangka and the taste was simply oishi as the coconut milk wa simply oishi where I can say I can resist to take two bowls but the price is a bit expensive .. so I just enjoy a bowl of it . haha…

Dear ordered the orange juice which is really freshly blended and the taste was very nice and temptating

Overall this meal is really delighting and OISHI
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 22.00

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  1. Supaporn says

    I'm a thai married chinese and live here more than 10 yrs. I'm a regular customer of Siam Express, I prefer Thai food with pork like in Thailand but I still like many dishes in ths restaurant. I saw some positive comments for them yesterday in " Malaysian food blog " by Vkeong and want to share my comment too but he deleted the possitive comments included my comment and pretend to be other customers (He used my post name "a Thai with your mother's age" to continue complaining them). I feel pity to "Vkeong",he's chicken behind laptop! He's upset to this restaurant because he couldn't get a free belacan sauce and he cannot afford to try other recommended items. I think he should stick with hawker food. Anyhow the food,service and prices are average for big complex here. They're not the Thai fine dining restaurant. Vkeong's demand must be very high but he's tounge problem! If they're so bad why the local still support them. I hope you post my comment here,Kob Khun Kha.

  2. ♥samantha♥ says

    hello , i read vkeong's comments , he's talking trash bout manhattan & siam express . aint that abit harsh ? well , i know blog is always gonna be the place where you blabber and spill everything you want , but there's always a limit . i guess vkeong is being a poseur bout thai food ? bout the outlet manager , eventho he's loud but he has the capability to manage the restaurant . unless vkeong has the capability then we should just let him run siam express . being loud aint that bad . its the manager's attitude , its the real him . we can see diff kind of ppl out there , even worst than being loud .

  3. Gutterfood says

    Vkeong post on 2006. this one on 2009. comments on 2010. 4 years maybe they improve? kenot?

    when ppl complain about Proton, so means they must know how to make cars first?

    dont be so blur sotong, ok?

    That is shit brix place, no go. If u wan, go here: ok?
    see my blog u sure shitbrix.

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