Ikan Bakar and Kam Heung Kapar, Gurney Drive Food court, Penang

Gurney Drive food court is famous among tourist for sure and i can say is more expensive if you are going to eat there comparable to other places in Penang. This time, I had it there as well.. as i am bringing some friends who insist there for meals. So, we went there for some local delicious.

Guan went for an order of the Ikan Panggang around the food court. Price wise is simply more expensive. It cost about RM 10 for a small piece of ikan panggang and wat I think about it. Em…. let me taste and see. Em.. the taste of the ikan panggang is not bad, It is well cooked and the fish is fresh and most important is not a loko fish ( * loko means old fish- which the fish meat is hard and there is certain smell on it)

The chillly is not as nice as i expected as i still prefer the chilly in Bayan Bay. It is not spicy enough with addition the taste of chilly they don have some soury taste which make it even nicer. But this stall i can say. it do served a good dish.. as i had another one better in Bayan Bay.. haha..

Other than that, Guan also ordered the fried kapar kam heung which is really nice. But just the volume is kinda small and what i can find is the shells are more than the meat. so , not much worth it.. but taste wise is nice and this is also RM 10

Can give a try, if you are lazy to travel up to Bayan Baru for the oishi Ikan Panggang.

Taste:3/5 for Ikan Panggang; 4/5 for Kam Heung Kapar
Price : RM 10 each

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