ABC & BBQ Chicken wings @ Wai Sek Kai, Jalan Antoi Kiri, Kepong

After in Kepong for the pasar malam, me and dear headed to the Wai Sek Kai of Kepong to have the famous ABC as well. This place is having many small stalls which serve a variety of local specialties. Dear ordered the ABC as well as the chicken wings at the little store there

Here comes the oishi ABC.. The ABC was nice as I love the ABC with a lot of crunchy peanuts. Other than that, the taste is not very sweet which make me love them as well.

We also ordered the chicken wings. Comparable I still prefer the BBQ chicken wings in Gurney drive @ Song River. This one is not bad. Not much comment but just slighty more expensive.

Overall, the taste is not bad
ABC: 4/5
Chicken Wings: 3/5

ABC: RM 2.50
Chicken Wings: RM 1.80/ wings

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