Vegetarian Fried Duck Rice @ Chikujo Vegetarian Shop @ 1-Utama, BU

Food here is not bad.. I was drolling with dear in 1-U and thinking wat to eat and spotted this vegetarian shop as I cant take kinda a lot of seafood and eggs.. at teh end we went for this shop which is Chikujo Vegetarian shop which is located at the Old Wing of 1-Utama, the same floor as TGV.. think is the 4th floor.

This shops served vegetarian food .. and the design in the shop is kinda nice.. not bad.. and we went in and browse through the menu with the list of food that they offered. As usual, ordering food in a vegetarian food would not be cheap as we know.. but if the food is nice then it should call a worth it.

We ordered duck fried rice.. oops.. vegetarian duck fried rice.. so the duck is basically made from soya beans and I don know how they make it looks like a duck .. but perhaps by adding in some artificial taste on it will make it look a like.. haha.. and we ordered the Japanese Green Tea which is refillable.. that’s worth if you love green tea.

Before the meals are being served, dear and me snapped each other pictures.. haha.. kinda funny right.. and we had lots of fun as well. 😛

And here comes the food.. em.. is kinda a big plate as we ordered the medium size so I can share with dear lo..

Food and taste wise is not bad.. except there is kinda lots of ajinamoto inside which make we taking plenty of water after makan… and we also snap the green tea as well.. ahhaa.. and the green tea is nice..

Now review time

Price: RM 11 for the fried rice
Taste: 3/5
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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