Steamboat @ Home Town Steamboat, Jalan Genting Klang

Went to Jalan genting Klang and spotted this shop which serves steamboat. The steamboat from this shop is being listed by ho chak which is the “YUMMY FOOD INTRO from 8TV” . . along the road you can see Kenny Rogers and is jus a few shop houses away from Kenny rogers

So, we just realized when we saw them. Would like to try them.. oishi desu ka? i am thinking.. but seeing there is a number of people there it should be kinda nice shouldn’t it?

So, we ordered a set for two. The shop served the steamboat in set rather than many now is the type which is the buffet style. We (3 person) ordered a set of 2 as we are not that hungry.

Here comes the set. There is bihun and mee with egg in a plate .. and another is the ingridients. The ingridients comes with different types of fishballs,taufu, fish meat, pork meat, suikao , pork balls as well as prawns. For others, that you like to have, you ca order them in the menu.. which they served nearly all kind of ingridients to add on from mushrooms to abalones.

As for soup, there are 4 types of soup to choose which is qing tang ( normal chicken soup), herbal soup, porridge, and tomyam. We choosed the tom yam and the porridge.

Overall the taste is oishi desu.. yummy !! Recomended

Taste: 4/5
Price : RM 27 for 2 paz

HOME TOWN Steamboat
126-0-04, Apartment Sri Pelangi,
Jalan Genting Klang,
53000 Kuala Lumpur

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