Menglembu Wan Tan Mee @ Annie-I,PJ Uptown, Selangor

Me and dear went to PJ uptown to jalan jalan and we spotted this Ipoh Menglembu Shop which named Annie-I. The shop seems not bad.. where they sells local delicious food which is more on Ipoh Style food which have the famous Ipoh Menglembu Mee.

We have our first try at the shop. Service wise is still ok. They are using the service like old town coffee where is self service ordering. So, seeing most of the people having wan tan mee, I also ordered the same one which in the Menglembu Wan Tan Mee Soup and dear ordered the Curry Wan Tan Mee.

The menglembu Wan Tan Mee is a bit salty ..and is just a normal wan tan mee. Nothing special at all. Besides that, the wan tan does not taste extra nice.. em, i can say is just a so so wan tan mee.

As for dear, he ordered the curry wan tan mee. Both of us also think the food is salty but dear one is better as the salty had a bit covered with the spicy of the food.

Overall the bill comes about RM 12 for both of us including drinks

Taste: 2/5
Price: RM 12

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