Dinner @ Old Town Coffee, 1 Utama Old Wing

Old Town Coffee had been said and famous among the locals here for its Ipoh delicious food..as well as its old town coffee. We went there again at the one located at the old wing of 1-Utama. This time, we went with Carolynn and we had a great dinner there. Lets see what had we ordered for our meal.

Carolynn ordered the Ipoh Hor Fan which is the specialty of Ipoh but for me , I don think is nice. Perhaps, I can say though it is franchise.. but the food that served will have a slight differ to different cook. Carolynn who ordered this dish also says is not really nice..as it has a lot of oil.. and the whole bowl of hor fan taste very oily.

Dear ordered the Nasi Lemak. the nasi lemak can say is a signature dish as it really taste nice and much recommended. The taste the rice is nice as it is quite lemak and it also includes a very nice rending chicken which make it even nicer. A bit disappointed is the chicken is not fully cooked.. and the taste of the chicken is a bit weird.

As for me, I ordered the Jawa Mee. The Jawa Mee is not bad. They have the taste of sticky tomato sauce and I can say this is my recommended dish for this time here. The mee is nice and everything was cooked perfectly nice..

We also ordered a French toast which all of us don like it… One of a simple reason is it is not really nice and delighting.. and the taste is kinda yucks.. and they don put much honey in it which make it not really nice.

Ipoh Hor Fan – 1/5
Nasi Lemak- 3/5
Mee Jawa – 4/5
French Toast – 0/5
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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