Kenny Rogers@ Times Square, KL

Went to Kenny Rogers with Carol and we had our meal there.. this time , I ordered as usual the Black Pepper Chicken set but I din blog them up as I had been busy for a long time d .. as now I had to blog them.. Kenny Rogers as we know it is famous for the oishi muffins.. which you can choose 3 flavors of it- banana, chocolate and vanilla.. and as for me , I will recommend the banana flavor as


Carol also ordered the Macaronni. According to Carol, the taste of the Macaroni is simply oishi and delicious ..and every taste and bites of it is irresistible. Oh… that’s very oishi taste of it .. that’s wat Carol claims


Muffin: 5/5
Macaronni: 4/5

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  1. Sl says

    Kenny rogers times square has the worst service ever!!!!!! All of the servers seem busy but not on the customers!!!!

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