Herbal Duck Bihun Soup @ New Lane , Penang

Food food food food in Penang,.. and is time in New Lane for food craving again.. As usual , we sit at the coffeeshop inside the chee cheong chok area.. as the coffeeshop usually will have ample sitting place. So, this time I am going to crave for the herbal duck bihun soup..

emmmm.. let me taste.. First comment- the soup is not as nice because the herbal taste is not heavy enough comparable to the usual herbal soup I had taken.. hmm… and I prefer those with very strong herbal taste.

Next the duck meat is not really nice lo.. as maybe because it is being cooked to long, the meat is rough and all the taste of the duck had gone. Overall, I don really like them

taste: 1/5
Price: RM 4

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