Dinner at ss2 sun hin loong

This is another time I went to SS2 for food .. and the coffeeshop we went this time is Sun Hin Loong with is located the same row as Watson.

the coffeeshop

This coffeeshop serves a variety of food which inclusive of Char koay Teow and more. Carol ordered the chicken rice. Chicken rice here is not bad.. as the taste of the rice and the chilly is real nice. Other than that, the way they cooked them is also simply oishi.. I love the chicken it self as the meat is tender.

-Chicken Rice-

I ordered this one which is more on the Kampar Style food which is the Kampar Loh Shu Fan. They have choices of ingredients for you to choose as well as the type of noodles as per your preference. As for me , I would like to have loh shu fan.. and so I ordered them combination with fishballs, taufu and others.

-Kampar lo shuh fan-

Carol Mum ordered the Wan Tan Mee. The Wan Tan Mee does not really taste nice.. maybe is because they put too much of the black soya sauce that make it not turning good.. The taste is kinda weirdo.. yucks..

– wan tan mee-

We also ordered the fried oyster.. The fried oyster not much too comment as the taste is not really good. Futher more, it looks like more fried egg and starch more than the oyster.. not really like them lol.

– fried oyster-

Carol also ordered the herbal chicken bihun soup. This is nice. the taste is not bad.. Futher more the smell of the herbal soup is there that make it taste very nice..and temptating.. and I can say I love is so much.

-herbal chicken-

Chicken Rice – 3/5
Kampar Loh Shu Fan -3/5
Wan Tan Mee – 1/5
Fried Oyster – 1/5
Herbal Chicken- 4/5

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