Curry Mee @ Hoi Yin,Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan

Early in the morning , we headed to Hoi Yin @ around Teluk Cempedak for breakfast which is one of the places where ho chak recommend in their program. Hoi Yin is one of the shop with Ho Chak recommended the curry mee at the nearby shore of Teluk Cempedak

-the shop –

From wat I can see, the business is real good where everyone coming in waiting for sit and they served non- stop. It is hardly you can get a place to sit if you are not fast enough on your legs and eyes is not sharp enough.. so u can imagine how good business is it??

-the stall –

After we get a seat, I din waste any of my time doing wat ? Snapping pictures as well and taking pictures with dear.. since each of every moment of both of us .. we wanna have a photo memories.. together…

-me and dear –

The food can say is not bad.. the soup is not as pedas. as well as not much coconut milk they put.. so can say the curry mee is kinda healthy one lo.. and the taste is not bad.. oishi

-the curry mee –

Overall the taste is kinda good. Wat we rate:
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 3.50

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