Canton-I @ 1-Utama, BU

Canton-I a sister company of Dragon-I which served Cantonese dishes which is more on HK style. The food here is kinda expensive but is normal food u can find at the road sides.. but of coz the environment and quality of the food is much a lot better and the ingridients is more lo.. + the service.. haha..

– the menu-

Here comes de high class menu which have a great beautiful pictures and food list which is really eye catching. ..and I can say I wanna ordered everything inside de menu.. haha..

– the place-

The place in not that big and the sitting place is kinda small and not much privacy indeed. And the sitting place is very near to each other.. haiz…

 jasmine tea

Bro and Carolynn ordered Jasmine Tea which the tea smells very nice..and a cup of it is nearly RM7 per cup. Inside the tea, there is a nice jasmine flower and it will slowly bloom in the water itself. The taste is also simply amazing and the flower smell and the tea is fabulous

– tau fu fah-

for me , I ordered Tau Fu Fah which is really nice as well. The taufu fah is very smooth and the taste is very fresh .. I love it so so much … yummy !!!

– the signature dish – prawn wantan mee-

I also ordered this fabulous food which is the signature dish of the shop which is the signature prawn wan tan mee and the prawn size is extremely big and nice.. and I cant believe when you bite on the wantan… u can feel the juices of wantan will flow out from your mouth… wah.. that’s really oishi desu….

– sui kau mee-

carol ordered the sui kau mee. Nothing much difference except the sui kao size is bigger and it is more juicier compared to the wantan.. and is real nice..

-Ngau lam-

As for bro, he ordered the ngau lam and the volume is kinda a lot. Bro say is oishi and the meat is fresh and nice.. as for me, I don take beef I don give any comments la.. this dish I will leave for bro to rate

Taste: Overall 5/5
Price : RM 80 including 15 % tax

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