Dinner @ Bayan Bay Food Court, Bukit Jambul, Penang

Bayan Bay Food Court is one of the makan places famous within the factory area after work. it si located at the Bukit Jambul area where the location is so strategic where u can drive 10- 15 minutes for a makan.. This food court can say u can find nearly all the Penang Hawkers delights there .. from hokkien Mee, curry mee and more.. and the most important thing is there have ample of parking space.

– The food court –

The barley drink is kinda nice,, and is not very sweet as well.

-Barley Drink –

Dad ordered the koay teow th’ng which this stall is famous one as well. the koay teow th’ng soup here is cooked with chicken soup and there are some cooked with duck soup. As for this stall, the koay teow th’ng here is simply nice.. and not so oily . dad love them so much

– koay Teow th’ng –

As for mum, she ordered de fried rice. em.. the fried rice was claimed to be famous last time.. but I dono why isn’t now… but to my mum the taste is still oishi oishi.. and of course most importantly is the rice quality and is not sticky and that’s will turns them nice and oishi liao .

– fried rice –

As for me, I ordered the IKAN bakar dere. this is the famous stall for ikan bakar.. and many Penangtist also say so .. hahaha.. me also Penang lang.. hahha. will say is nice.. basically you need to have patience on waiting as the business is so so good.. where I wait nearly 20 minutes plus for the ikan bakar and I finished them in 10 minutes.. haha

– ikan bakar –

Overall the food quality here is not bad ,,.. and the prices are simply reasonable

Koay Teow Thng – 3/5
Fried Rice-3/5
Ikan Bakar-5/5

Koay Teow Thng –RM 3
Barley = RM 1.30
Fried Rice = RM 4.50
Ikan Bakar = RM 12.00

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