Course Gathering @ Shabu Shabu, Times Square, KL

Last week 11th April 2009, is course gathering day where kinda many of our coursemate did attend. It has been past 2- 3 years ever we haven met.. wat is so so nice.. is able to meet a group of long time no see frens as well as updating the current status of ourself.. Some are still in IT some are not.
Some are getting thinner and some are getting fatter.. some still de same no changes.. and even I can say.. we are kinda update of our job and more. We have them @ Shabu Shabu, the restorant located at Level 4. in Times Square.

Here you goes the restaurant that we went. Overall the sitting is kinda fix so we cant have much interaction if our leg is too lazy.. so while waiting for them to come over, we had our drinks ordered and dear and me ordered the Kiwi Juice as below. The Kiwi juice is not bad. Very the oishi as well.. yum yum.. and it cost about RM 5.90 / cup

The kiwi Juice

And me and dear ordered a set of special Shabu Shabu.. but for both of us is not that nice. The tom yam is not as spicy as I thought it should.. and the food is really limited.. not much I can see except 3 prawns, some mushooms, pieces of chicken meet, bihun .. and tats really can say is allof it d. Nothing else. Not very nice..and the prawn is not fresh enough as well..

the shabu shabu

The set comes with desserts which is the ice creams..not the branded one,.. just the Magnolia one and as for fruits they have coices of watermelon and pineapple..

After makan makan, we had chats and photo taking together and overall is kinda an enjoyable one.. Nice to meet u guys ya.. Oh ya, need to thanks my dear for accompany me and being the photographer.. Thanks a lot dear.

Taste: 2/5
Price: 25 inclusive tax ( service ( 10%) + government (5%)) and drinks
Service: 2/5
Environment: 2/5


  1. gY says

    OH MY GOD!!! Times Square shabu-shabu,a very bad survice reataurant! Today i and all my fren went to there for having lunch. Maybe because of our school uniform,they gave a very bad survice to us! there are a lot of things i need to complain here! 1.when we reached to Times Square shabu-shabu for 15 minit,the waiter haven take the menu to us,what kind of restaurant this is? 2.when we try to order something,the waiter like din saw my hand for asking to order food 3.after we order,the food came so late! I think i will starve for waiting the food 4.when asking for bill,the waiter ask us go to counter ourself,but i saw them take the bill to other customer,is that because of we are students ?? So gave a survice such as shit to us? 5.we survice ourself to paid the bill at the counter,but the counter's staff was wasting my time,i was late for my cinema movie because of the staff! I think she din learn maths before. Today we are very unhappy because of the bad survice to us,if just think we are students,please dun charge survice tax to us!!! what kind of stupid restaurant,from today i wont put my foot into this restaurant again!

  2. Choo says

    I want to make a comment about this restaurant.
    I and my 6 friend went to this restaurant at about 1300 ,28/10/2010.
    The service of this restaurant is terrible.
    We call the waitress many time but they didn't make respond to us.
    At last , we finally order the soup that we want , by order 3 times.
    May I ask you that your restaurant rules is customers need to order up to 3 times only may give respond to you?
    Or because of we wearing school uniform so you think that we are not customer or we are the customer that can being bully , customer that won't blame?
    Because of we are 7 people , so we separate to 2 tables.
    At first , 1 table order 3 tomyam soup , 3 set of food.
    Another table order 1 tomyam soup and 1 chicken soup , 1 set of food.
    Each table has 3 stove .
    The first table has 1 stove out of order , so 1 people from first table change to second table , so the food that order by that people just pass to second table.
    Problem comes , the food that early order at second table come late , very late .
    When we wait too late , we ask the waitress . She's answer is this table order 1 set food , that food already gave.
    Please , do your restaurant use pigeon to pass the order list to kitchen ? The only set of food on second table is pass from first table. Even you dunno that set of food is pass from first table , you wont notice that the first table only got 2 set of food , left 1 set haven come?
    Maybe your waitress is blind , if she is , i suggest you fire she.
    All this problem is the problem of how the restaurant work.
    This your restaurant have to self-criticism .
    But the main problem is not this , even that we waste long time and get fear on this .
    We get fear because of the attitude of the waitress at counter.
    After we pay money , the waitress say a word that make us angry.
    She say"Go go go!!!!" by IMPATIENT and show us an ugly face!
    We leave at about 2.35 , because we have bought the cinema ticket at 2.40 , so we just leave and didnt remember the name of that waitress.
    We pay for RM89 , almost RM90.
    You know maths right?
    RM90 contains how much of service charge , please count your self.
    Maybe you think that RM90 is a small amount , but I'm not a stupid.Even i ate RM1 , pay for 5 cent of service charge , I still a customer . You MUST serve us with good faith.
    The next table of us is adult , they came after about 10 minutes we came .
    But thats something so special!
    The waitress serve they first!!!!!
    And they food came faster!!!!
    Your food that your restaurant serve is uncooked , you just need to take the food from refrigerator and put in the bowl and serve.
    But why the food we order can came later?!?!
    Honestly , we are from chinese independent school student .
    Today is the last day of UEC(Unified Examination Independent Chinese Secondary School).
    We go to your restaurant have lunch by a happy mode, but what your restaurant give us is angry and full of fear!!
    I hope that you can give me a good reply or even an apologize to me .
    If not , I will told to all my students not to go to your restaurant .
    The internet is powerful.
    I can easily send to my friend in Malaysia and tell them that this restaurant is not worth to eat.
    I dont like to make this case become bigger .
    I'm just a lower secondary student , form 3 student .
    What I want is just a good apologize.

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