Keropok Lekor behind Sg Wang

Keropok Lekor is one of the Terrengganu famous delicious food.. or can say the state signature dish .. in Malays culture. You can find them in road side around Times Square and Sungei Wang area. This is one of the famous food which is a must in Malaysia.

It is made of fish meat and the combination of sagu and a bit of salt. there are also some made of flour. With the combination of fish meat, it is one of the food which have a high protein as well as full of natural iodine

It is mostly being fried in hot oil and it served hot. If you are going to buy them, please make sure is fried hot.

Overall the stall we bough behind Sg Wang Supermarket is so so only cause it not so hot .. and is served with chilly sauce.

Taste: 2/5
Price: 6 pcs for RM 2


  1. Vivien says

    i love these, wanted to buy some for frying at home but seems like supermarket not selling them… i saw it in KLIA grocery store in Arrival level though… but too far, sigh

  2. Food Promotions says

    Ohhh…i miss this malay snack. I used to have it when i’m young. But those ppl that dont like fish it hate this. haha

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