Dunkin donuts @ KL Central

Dunkin donuts is one of my favorite place.. besides JCo.. and seems JCo is hard to find .. haiz.. so not much choice but to dine in dunkins.. There is a few set of choices of donuts with coffee to choose and more..But for me a must is peppermint one.. haha.. and that;s my favorite and is a must … haha.. and today I grab one peppermint flavor and another is a chocolate wif nuts flavor.. but after taken both I still love the peppermint flavor as it has the cooling feel .. hehehehe…

– pepper mint flavor and chocolate flavor-

and the set comes with a coffee as well as 2 donut. And it can be refill.. that’s wat I love de most. haha…

Overall, the price is cheaper. .. and oh ya.. u can get a free Wi fi here

Price: RM 8
Taste: 4/5

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