Dinner at 1997 Coffeeshop @ Paya Terubong, Penang

1997 coffeshop is situated at Paya Terubong , Penang .. and this place had served many nice oishi food .. this shop is serving famous asam laksa as well as the Jiu Hu Eng Zhai was nice as well. It is opened during day as well as night.

Mum and dad often like to have their meals there as they love the claypot taufu as well as the curry fish dere. The claypot taufu is served is normal taufu which is soft as well they fried the taufu before putting them in the claypot. inside, the claypot u can find shrimps as well as mushrooms and vegetables in it.

– Claypot Taufu –

That’s come the signature dish which is the Assam Fish Head Curry which is very different.. The Fish Head Curry is not like the normal curry which is more on the lemak taste and the Indian kind of curry but this one is the real assam curry whuch is soury a bit and is normally called the Chinese style of curry. It is hardly to find this style of curry in Penang as many of the curry fish head stall in Penang are serving the lemak style of curry fish head.

– Assam Fish Head Curry –

Another signature dish which is the salad prawn. Salad prawn is also the signature dish … where I love to makan them since I am a kid. The prawn is fried first and them the sauce will be poured on top of the prawn

– Salad Prawn-

Overall the bill comes to RM57 for 3 dishes as well as 4 rice.

Taste: 4/5

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