Wat Tan Hoe and Tai Lok Mee ( Hokkien Mee) Kim Lian Kee, Petaling Street ( China Town)

Was in Petaling Street after buying bus ticket back to Penang.. drolling around that area.. was thinking of what oishi food to have..but ended up found this restorant Kim Lian Kee around the China Town in Petaling Street, KL

The shop itself looks nice and I am not sitting inside but in the outdoor area of the shop. Overall the environment was not so bad… lets see wats the food

First , they serve the first one we ordered which is the Wat Tan Hoh. The wat tan hoh looks nice and oishi and I love it so much especially have them with chilly which make them extremely delighting and nice which I can say cant tahan lo. The food is real nice… oishi desu

Tai lok mee is another one we ordered and the taste is YUCKS… is really unbearable.. which I think I could not accept it. It is cooked too dry and another thing I don like is too salty which I gave them a complete fail. The prawns is also not fresh at all. .. services wise is not really under my expectation at all.

Taste: 2/5
Price: RM 7 for each
Service: 2/5


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