Or Koay ( Yam Cake) @ Yee Hong

Taro cake (wu tow ko) is a very popular Chinese dish in Malaysia and Singapore. It is sold especially in the morning markets and dim sum shops. It is usually eaten for breakfast and tea.

Taro cake, often referred to as yam cake, is not made from yams but from taro which is a corm. Taro cake is made by steaming small pieces of taro with rice flour, water and salt. It is suitable for vegetarians as it does not include any animal products except for its garnishings. It is usually garnished with dried prawns (which have been soaked, chopped coarsely and fried), deep-fried shallots, chopped stalks of fresh spring onions, sprigs of Chinese parsley, toasted sesame seeds and red chilis. It is served with a thick sweet soy sauce along with a spicy chili paste which is optional.
Yee Hong sells a very nice and delighting taste of yam cake. where the texture is soft as well as they have the yam smell inside.

Place: Yee Hong Coffee Shop, Bukit Jambul
Price: RM 2
Taste: 4/5

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