Dinner @ SOng – River, Persiaran Gurney, Penang

Song River Restorant is situated along Gurney Drive which this coffeeshop is famous for its seafood as well as the chicken wings . Daddy always serve dinner there when we have frens or relatives who comes over. ha-ha

Dad loves a few of the signature dish from the shop. one of it is claypot tauhu, claypot tauhu is served hot with claypot and having de ingredients of tauhu, pork, mushroom as well as some veges on them. There are some shop using normal taufu and some are using the Japanese Taufu.. and you are able to choose your preference on which taufu u like de most ya.

Claypot tauhu

Next is the fried Kailan which the only vege I like to take.. so mostly dad will order this one for me.. overall the kalian is kinda fresh and the taste is nice tooo.. I love that one.. haha.. jus a normal usual dish .. and there is nothing special on this dish

– fried kalian-

Sweet and sour pork was one of the nicest and oishi dish.. I don know how they cooked it.. but is the pork is marinate first before they cooked them as well as the taste is like a bit sour and sweet taste of the combination and when you mix with rice it is very appetizing .. and I love them a lot

– sweet and sour pork-

This is not really my choice.. cause I don really like the prawn… and is kinda sweet for this one.. The taste is too sweet as well as the prawn is not really fresh that day and turns the dish down.. haiz..

– sweet and sour prawn-

This is something like heh kor which is a kind of prawn…but is mostly used to fried or cooked with black pepper or with dried chillies. This time dad ordered this way which I think the taste is not bad and kinda oishi desu.. I love them as well..

-fried prawns

Nyonya fish is my dad say is nice and is shop signature dish as well as the nyonya sauce is appetizing as well the taste like a bit lemak and combination of a bit spicy and sweet taste which is very delightin

Nyonya fish

Overall de dishes is very nice and full and the bill comes ourt about RM 100 for all this food


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