Chendol Klang @ Jalan Nanas, Klang, Selangor

This shop had been open for ages in Klang and is recommended by my coursemate cum best fren WC to his hometown for this nice Malay Indian Chendol which claims to be one of the oishi chendol in town.

It is located in 78, Jalan Nanas, Klang itself and I am not too sure how to go about that area as WC is driving us there. Thanks fren.

The Chendol was different from Penang and they have many choices which u can ordered normal, campur ( mix) and more.. but WC ordered us the famous one which is campur. For me the taste is a bit too sweet and they put brown sugar as well as santan to prepare which makes is so sweet. Besides that, there are the normal green chendol, some types of jellies the black one and the ruby red one, and some jagung inside as well.

Taste: 3/5

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