Esquire Kitchen@ Sg Wang

– The Menu-

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to agree on where to eat. But somehow Esquire Kitchen is one place we can always agree on when we run out of options. The food is not really nice and the service is real bad.. overall is not recomended except for the bao.. and the ice cream tau fu fah.. wat i hate the most is the service.. I had been sitting for nearly 15 minutes even though we told the waitress we want to order.. it take me 20 -25 minutes just to order the food.. and they don serve us with the forks and spoon and we need to call them again.. and take us about 10 minutes to wait for tat.. Gosh thats terrible and the services sucks..

– The Set-

First they served me with the desserts first before the main dish.. and tats terrible.. but this one food wise it taste special and nice.. for the ice cream tau fu fah.. is cooling and the tau fu fah is soft .. and i love it so much …

and here comes Carolynn- soya milk drink- she says the taste is not bad,… and nice.. hahahaa

Then, comes the main dish which is the curry mee and the taste is not bad for this . The curry taste is so nice.. and it really oishi… the curry is not that thick..and is well blended.. and kinda not that spicy … overall this is great.

As for me , i ordered the fried rice.. Yucks and is teerrible taste. Is salty..and not cooked well.. until i just wasted the food like tat .. haiz..

Overall the food – 2/5
and services= 1/5


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