@ Subway, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Is nice but is kinda trouble some lunch I ever had.. hmmmm.. Went to Pavillion and ended having Subway for lunch.. there are many things they ask.. the type of bread, the bread size, the ingredients and the sauce. I love them but is kinda expensive for a bun which cost me RM 11 ++ not inclusive of drinks.. crazy isn’t it..

At the end the whole set I ate is about RM 15 inclusive of drinks as wat I ordered is jus chicken slice with wheatmeal bread and some sauce on it … and fr me I don think is special lol.. Carolynn ordered a set of the food and costing her RM 13 for it and is tuna nia..

Though the taste .. is nice but is slightly more expensive and the chips for the set is very funny .. is Mr Potato chips where we can get them in the supermarket .. gosh .. that’s terrible..

-The Environment-

Price; RM 26 + for 2set
Taste: 3/5


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